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Rudy Estrada Jr.

Rudy Estrada Jr.
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    Meet Rudy Estrada Jr. Realtor®

    California native Rudy Estrada Jr. is passionate about using real estate to help his Los Angeles community. His interest in understanding and serving others led him to pursue a degree in psychology. Rudy entered the real estate industry in 2004 as a loan agent and investor. The natural next step in his career was becoming an agent. A continuous learner, Rudy is constantly absorbing information about the business of real estate with the understanding that his knowledge will benefit a potential client or colleague in the future.

    Customer service is at the heart of Rudy’s business. He takes the time to listen to his clients and builds strong, respectful relationships. Rudy is a natural problem solver who finds innovative solutions for every issue. As an investor, he thoroughly understands the market and both the buying and selling experiences. He has the expertise to guide his clients to make the right decisions because he has been in their position. Rudy works with all demographics, but he particularly enjoys helping first-time buyers and investors.

    Rudy leads an active lifestyle. He can be found all over LA running, salsa dancing, and laughing at comedy clubs. Rudy considers himself a “go-giver” — always willing to help any way he can. He consistently gives back to his community, and he is especially passionate about helping the homeless. Rudy personally crafts care packages of hygiene products, food, and water — and sometimes clothes — delivering them to individuals living on the streets of LA.

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