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Kia Aran

Kia Aran
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    Meet Kia Aran Realtor®

    Kia Aran is a skilled professional in developing effective marketing plans for the industry. His academic qualifications are supported by more than a decade of experience in the Real Estate business, always providing a high quality service in the exclusive and competitive market of luxury homes, maximizing client’s own success in the upper-tier residential segment. Modern and architectural properties, efficient living and present trends are his real passion and motivation. His true goal is to inspire clients into the beauty of the surrounding natural environment, the harmony of nature. This is what he loves to do.

    In 2013, he graduated from the California State University, where he finished his MBA with emphasis on Strategic Marketing. There, he acquired an advanced knowledge on entrepreneurship and new venture development. The design, planning and elaboration of business projects were his best strength: He made a series of detailed marketing plans for new business enterprises, always aiming to decrease risk factors and uncertainty, raising venture capital and maximizing profits via negotiation tactics. His secret is to truly understand the real segment needs, in order to achieve a total client satisfaction. He is a serious professional, perfectly experienced in both sales and marketing management area.

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