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Harold Rohdes

Harold Rohdes
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    Meet Harold Rohdes Estates Director

    Harold Rohdes has always had an interest in real estate and a desire to help people achieve their goals. Since becoming a full-time real estate consultant in 2010, he’s worked alongside the top real estate professionals in Los Angeles and has successfully closed numerous multimillion-dollar transactions. Harold has a talent for assisting luxury buyers, sellers, and investors. For him, real estate isn’t just about the numbers: It’s about creating the best possible experiences for his clients.

    Harold moved to L.A. from the Midwest when he was a teenager. Over the years, he has lived in various parts of the Westside and Hollywood. He currently resides in the Woodland Hills and enjoys the contrast of the valley. After studying business and business law in college, Harold started his real estate career as a mortgage loan consultant. For many years, Harold honed his expertise in buyer/seller prequalification, comparative market analysis, and contract negotiation. Today, Harold utilizes these skills to ensure his clients have the best information. His goal is to empower them to make intelligent real estate decisions that will serve them for years to come.

    As someone who greatly loves and appreciates the vast Los Angeles area, Harold continues to enjoy touring yet undiscovered places and underground areas of the city and wouldn’t mind being a tour guide as a side gig. With his sense of humor and positive outlook in tow, he enjoys going to the gym, taking scenic walks, and playing and listening to great music. Harold is also passionate about supporting the American Cancer Society.

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