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Darren Kriz

Darren Kriz
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    Meet Darren Kriz Realtor®

    Darren Kriz has the motivation, passion, and determination it takes to win in the competitive Los Angeles market. As an agent, his mission is not only to create successful sales: it’s to build meaningful relationships. He establishes genuine trust with every client and uses their happiness as his guiding light throughout the transaction.

    Born in Beverly Hills and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Darren knows Los Angeles — the ins, the outs, and everything in between. His unique knowledge of the area helps him find breathtaking homes for his buyers, and it gets his sellers high returns. By staying on top of current trends and technologies, Darren also ensures that his clients have the most comprehensive, high-quality experiences.

    Darren is known for his respectable character, relatable personality, and optimistic attitude. While earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and international management from Cal State Monterey Bay and playing four years of Division 2 baseball, Darren mastered the arts of self-discipline, perseverance, and time-management. He applies these skills to his profession as a real estate agent, and his desire to help others is what drives him every day.

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