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Aaron Ali

Aaron Ali
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    Meet Aaron Ali Realtor®

    For Aaron Ali, the transition from home improvement to home sales was an easy one. A certified HVAC technician for 10 years, Aaron’s experience and passion for working with clients on their homes led him to a career in real estate. He earned his license in 2013 and has been laser-focused on his clients ever since.

    Raised in Southern California since the age of three, Aaron knows the area well. And, fueled by a thirst to help others and a love for adventure, he thrives on helping his clients navigate new neighborhoods, and new chapters in their lives, during the buying and selling process. He also never stops studying his craft—his certifications include probate, short sales, and one from the National Commercial Real Estate Association.

    Aaron believes strongly in discipline and aims to better himself just a little bit every day. When he’s not working with clients, Aaron enjoys spending time with his children, participating in outdoor sports, and practicing jiujitsu. His volunteer work is focused on the local homeless population and at-risk youth, and he donates a portion of his profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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