Aleisha Everett has been a licensed agent in California for several years now. Shes helped clients in major cities such as Los Angeles and Orange County. Born and raised in the Pacific North West Aleisha has called home to the breathtaking greenery of Seattle, WA. A passionate young woman with an admiration for the outdoors and love for design is what initially drew her interest in researching properties. Eager to become a Californian she was ready to expand her knowledge to the most dynamic market. One that has been both challenging and rewarding. Most recently she has worked with mentor Ben Bacal. Aleisha has gained the most important tool, experience. One of the many tools required for successful real estate ventures. With a repertoire of success Aleisha is eager to continue her hard work in providing knowledgeable services. When it comes to her work ethic she is focused and committed. Assuring all transactions are smooth and stress free for clients. All of your esthetics will be understood and needs met. Although free time can be hard to find Aleisha enjoys hers by traveling the world. To achieve an inner zen after a long day you can find her unwinding at hot yoga or enjoying one of LA’s comedy shows.

Au courant with an ever changing market. Aleisha Everett is ready to bring you knowledgeable content to satisfy your real estate needs.
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